Directional suture pad

Producer: 3-Dmed

The Directional Suture Pad was developed to practice working all directions of needle entry. In actual procedures you do not encounter the perfect suturing angles so working with the Directional Suture Pad will make that task easier. Repetition is the key to practice sessions, so we have provided three rows of structures in each direction. Made with the same material as our popular Signature Soft Tissue Suture Pad.


  • Simple interrupted suturing.
  • Running sutures.
  • Backhand suturing.
  • Suturing warm up for FLS testing modality.


Sold Indivdually, 10-Packs, 20-Packs

Size: 5.87″ X 5.87″ (150 mm X 150 mm)

Price: $32.00 (1 peace).

Directional suture pad Directional suture pad