IM & SUBQ injection trainer

Producer: Rescue Critters, LLC

Even animals have nerve cells to indicate pain or discomfort and having an injection administered by a skilled medical person makes a world of difference to a pet.

Now you can practice and become more apt at injections with the Rescue Critters'® improved SQ/IM Injection Pad. Practical experience may help burnish the clinical motor skills, but alas, it is providing better critical care to the injured animal that is, perhaps the ideal. This trainer features an even more realistic pad simulating canine skin and muscle tissue and comes in its own ABS case. Dimensions of the SQ/IM injection pad are approximately 3”x5”x1.25”.


Medium: Model Price: US$76.99 (Item#908)

IM & SUBQ injection trainer IM & SUBQ injection trainer IM & SUBQ injection trainer