Haemocytometer and Artificial blood for Haemocytometer

Producer: Phywe Systeme GmbH

The device is designed for determining the numbers of erythrocytes and leucocytes under the microscope. The haemocytometer consists of acounting chamber acc. to Thoma, 2 coverglasses, 2 blood mixing pipettes eachwith rubber tube and mouthpiece, complete in a storage case. We recommend theuse of sterile lancets for measurementson real blood. Otherwise use the haemocytometer with artificial blood.

Artificial blood for determining the numbers of red bloodcells (erythrocytes) under the microscope using a Thoma counting chamber (seeHaemocytometer). A bottle contains 1 mlof articial blood (sufficient for 2000tests). The number of erythrocytes corresponds to those of a healthy maleadult (RBC = 4.5-6.0 million/cm3). Detailed teacher info.


Medium: Simulator
Note: 1.Haemocytometer, Product-No: 64213-00, 2.Artificial blood for hemocytometer, Product No: 64213-10
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