Specht PC. Computer graphics interface to a complex simulation. P R Health Sci J 1988;7(2):184-188

PMID: 3186919


The program "Cardio VascularCat" is a simulation of a laboratory experiment on the cardiovascular system of the cat, for students of physiology or pharmacology. There are two important innovations in this version, utilizing the "Macintosh environment": 1) The functioning of the program is highly interactive with the student. Any manipulation almost immediately produces some result in the (simulated) experimental animal. 2) The input from the student, and the output to the student, are handled in simple and intuitive ways. The mouse and menu system are utilized to simplify the control of the program. The keyboard is eliminated. The Macintosh graphics capabilities provide for an output display that is easily and quickly interpreted by the student. The program has been tested with a small sample of medical students. As measured by an objective test, the results are equivalent to learning from a textbook. An attitude survey revealed that the Macintosh program is clearly superior for reenforcement and review.