Smalley K, Kesavadas T. Development Development of a method for surface and subsurface modeling using force and position sensors. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2005; 111:482-7

PMID: 15718783


Subsurface modeling of deformable objects, such as soft tissues and organs, involves the use of non-destructive methods of determining the properties of an object encased by a material. Some of the properties that can be determined from subsurface modeling include: shape, hardness, texture and possibly material. The ability to determine these properties is based on the accuracy of the method used and the properties of the surface encasing the object. As computers become more powerful and are able to produce even more realistic graphics, it will be possible to store and re-create precise duplicates of the original for later analysis. This paper will present a method of approximately modeling both the surface and an object below the surface of the skin by a method of palpation and then present this data in an interactive 3-D model.