Matthes K, Cohen J, Kochman ML, Cerulli MA, Vora KC, Hochberger J. Efficacy and costs of a one-day hands-on EASIE endoscopy simulator train-the-trainer workshop. Gastrointest Endosc. 2005 Dec;62(6):921-7

PMID: 16301038


The efficacy of an intensive hands-on training in endoscopic hemostasis on the compactEASIE simulator has been previously demonstrated in a randomized prospective trial. In the current study, we evaluated how quickly and effectively new tutors, without simulator training experience, are able to acquire teaching skills in endoscopic hemostasis.
Five tutors with prior Erlangen Active Simulator for Interventional Endoscopy (EASIE) teaching experience instructed 7 endoscopists without prior EASIE experience on how to teach when using the model. These new tutors then independently conducted a workshop for 8 fellows in 4 hemostasis techniques. Results were compared with a historical control trained similarly by experienced tutors. Two one-day workshops in endoscopic hemostasis on the compactEASIE ex vivo endoscopy simulator were conducted in a category A hospital in New York City, New York. Skill scores at the end of training were compared with baseline skills assessments, and qualitative ratings of the new tutors were obtained from both the trainees and the experienced tutors.
Significant improvement was achieved by the fellows in all 4 skills areas. Both the expert tutors and the trainees consistently rated the teaching skill of the new tutors highly. Fellows' skill acquisition using new tutors was of similar magnitude to that achieved in the prior EASIE trial using experienced trainers teaching the fellows.
It is feasible to conduct an effective EASIE train-the-trainer course in one day. Tutors trained in this manner are able to provide a similar educational experience with objective improvement in trainee skill to experts who have conducted many hands-on workshops.