M’Barek S, Pellevoisin C, Chesné C, Busquet F, Souilem O. First training on alternatives to animal experimentation in Tunisia. ALTEX - Alternatives to animal experimentation. 2015,32(4):388-390


The training course entitled “From in vivo models to cell mod-els” took place at the National School of Veterinary Medicine (ENMV) of Sidi Thabet (University of Manouba) on Febru-ary 23-26, 2015. It was organised by ICLAS (International Council for Laboratory Animal Science), ATSAL (Tunisian Association for Laboratory and Animal Science) and ENMV (National School of Veterinary Medicine of Tunisia) and was the outcome of an international collaboration with CAAT-Eu-rope, Episkin Academy and Biopredic International. Thirty-four participants with different educational backgrounds, i.e., researchers, teacher-researchers, veterinarians, pharmacists, biologists and doctors, PhD or master degree students and from different regions of Tunisia, i.e., Tunis Capital, Greater Tunis, Bizerte, Kef (North), Monastir, Sousse (Central South), attended the training. There were Tunisian and three interna-tional speakers. The language used in the talks, debate and workshops was French. 

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