Weeks D, Kasdan ML, Wilhelmi BJ . An Inexpensive Suture Practice Board. Eplasty. 2015 Dec 8;15:e53

PMID: 26693271


Objective: We provide a design for an effective suture practice board for surgical instruction that is both easily assembled and repaired. Methods: This model's design is achieved through inexpensive materials that do not compromise adequate simulation through repetitive use. We used a wooden board, synthetic microfiber cloth, and metal plates and screws to create the suture board. Two pieces of synthetic microfiber cloth, folded along the long axis, were attached to the outer edges of the wooden board using an electric screwdriver, with the metal plates and screws to secure the attachment. Results: Upon completion of construction, we have a board sufficient for instructing various suturing techniques. Conclusions: Our suture board design provides an effective practice material that is an improvement in cost, as well as reusability compared with other models. Our board has the advantage over animal tissues, such as chicken's or pigs’ feet, because it is not perishable and maintains its durability over extended periods of time. This model is advantageous compared with other commercially available synthetic models because the materials are cheaper and more easily replaced. Our suture board model provides sufficient simulation to enhance the user's skills across various suturing techniques in a manner that is cost-effective in production and maintenance.