Wu X, Pegoraro V, Luboz V, Neumann PF, Bardsley R, Dawson S, Cotin S. New approaches to computer-based interventional neuroradiology training. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2005; 111:602-7

PMID: 15718806


For over 20 years, interventional methods have substantially improved the outcomes of patients with cardiovascular disease. However, these procedures require an intricate combination of visual and tactile feedback and extensive training periods. In this paper, a prototype of endovascular therapy training system is presented. A set of core simulation components applicable to most vascular procedures has been designed and integrated into a real-time high-fidelity interventional neuroradiology training system for the prompt treatment of ischemic stroke. We believe it will improve the quality of training and the speed of learning without putting patients at risk.