Takeuchi M, Hayashi N, Hamada H, Matsumura N, Nishijo H, Endo S. A new training method to improve deep microsurgical skills using a mannequin head. Microsurgery. 2008; 28(3):168-170

PMID: 18286651


Neurosurgeons need fine and special microsurgical techniques, such as the ability to suture deep microvasculature. Intensive training is required to perform microsurgery, especially in deep microvascular anastomosis. There have been many previous reports of training methods for typical microsurgical techniques, including suturing of surgical gloves, Silastic tubes, living animals, and chicken wing arteries. However, there have been no reports of training methods to improve deep microsurgical skills under the various hand positions specific to neurosurgical operation. Here, we report a new training method using a mannequin head, water balloons, and clay to mimic actual deep microsurgery in the brain. This method allows trainees to experience microsurgery under various hand positions to approach the affected areas located at various depths in the brain from various angles.