Walsh R, Fennessy T, Pauw E, Lajeunesse M, Couperus K. A Novel Task Trainer for Auricular Hematoma Repair. Cureus. 2022 Jan 25;14(1):e21600

PMID: 35228958


Auricular hematoma drainage is a crucial skill that emergency medicine providers must be proficient in to prevent complications including permanent deformity of the ear. We aimed to develop and evaluate a cost-effective task trainer to allow emergency medicine (EM) residents to practice the key skills of auricular hematoma drainage and pressure dressing application. After creating a task trainer out of a bell pepper, we implemented this training during our EM simulation conference with a total of 20 PGY 1-3 EM residents. Prior to the simulation session, a survey of all 39 residents found a rated confidence level of auricular hematoma drainage as low on a five-point Likert scale (mean: 2.2 (standard deviation (SD): 1.08)). After the session, the 20 EM residents who participated were much more confident in their ability to perform this procedure (mean: 4.4 (SD: 0.6)). This low-cost, easy-to-create auricular hematoma drainage and repair task trainer was well received by our EM residents and led to an improved resident comfort level in performing this necessary EM procedure. This task trainer can be used by EM trainees of all levels as a tool to increase their skill and comfort level when performing the crucial procedure of auricular hematoma drainage and repair.