Thiagarajan P, Chen P, Steiner K, Gao G, Barner K. Segmenting deformable surface models using haptic feedback. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2005; 111:560-3

PMID: 15718797


Clinically relevant segmentation often incorporates physician insight in the segmentation process (eg. overestimation of tumors). This is a primary reason in the continued use of per-slice based segmentation approaches. Segmenting structures directly by interacting with a volume space provides the advantages of being time efficient and accurate in contrast to per-slice based methods. In this approach volume navigation and parameter specification become critical towards the accuracy of the results obtained. In this paper we present some preliminary results in our research towards segmentation using a haptic device for navigation and parameter specification in an immersive environment. To incorporate the physician's requirements we model the results as a deformable surface model and the user interacts with the surface to obtain the final segmentation.