Webb G, Norcliffe A, Cannings P, Sharkey P, Roberts D. Virtual reality and interactive 3D as effective tools for medical training. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2003;94:392-4

PMID: 15455932


CAVE-like displays allow a user to walk in to a virtual environment, and use natural movement to change the viewpoint of virtual objects which they can manipulate with a hand held device. This maps well to many surgical procedures offering strong potential for training and planning. These devices may be networked together allowing geographically remote users to share the interactive experience. This maps to the strong need for distance training and planning of surgeons. Our paper shows how the properties of a CAVE-Like facility can be maximised in order to provide an ideal environment for medical training. The implementation of a large 3D-eye is described. The resulting application is that of an eye that can be manipulated and examined by trainee medics under the guidance of a medical expert. The progression and effects of different ailments can be illustrated and corrective procedures, demonstrated.