Takeuchi A, Ikeda N, Nara Y, Miyahara H, Mitobe H. WinArrhythmia: a Windows based application for studying cardiac arrhythmias. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine.1998;55(3):199-206

PMID: 9617519


We have developed Windows-based software for ECG training as a tool in teaching physiology. A standard user interface allows the user to choose which arrhythmia to review. The arrhythmia is drawn in real time with sound beeps synchronized to R waves. The system also presents a brief summary or multiple choice question corresponding to the arrhythmia. A ladder diagram shows how simulate the conduction system, which consisted of 4 modules characterized by 4 parameters: automaticity, refractory period, antegrade- and retrograde-conduction time. This system has proved both useful and effective for training medical students in ECG interpretation of arrhythmias.